April 5, 2008

Redlands Bicycle Classic

BCCIE members and volunteers

are needed to support bicycle

valet parking. Contact Jonathan

Baty to volunteer or get more


Percent: the amount you

can reduce your risk of

heart attack or stroke by

bicycling three times a


The Bicycle Commuter Coalition of the Inland

Empire was founded in the 1990s to promote

increased use of bicycling as an alternative to auto-

mobiles for transportation and to advocate for safe

bike-friendly routes and facilities throughout the

region. We encourage you to leave your car keys at

home and let that engine rest, help clean the air

and get some exercise by using a bike to get to

work and around town. Use this website as a

resource for making cycling a safe and socially

accepted means of transportation, not only as an

occasional alternative to the automobile, but the

predominant way to get around.

Calories: the amount a

140-pound cyclist burns

while pedaling 14 miles in

one hour.

Million gallons of gasoline:

the amount that would be

saved if 1/2 percent of car

trips were replaced by bike

trips in the U.S.

Million tons: annual CO2

emissions that would be

reduced if one out of 10

motorists switched to a


May 12-16, 2008

Bike-to-Work Day

We hope you'll ride to work

every day, but if you haven't

done it yet, here's your chance

to be part of the movement.

There is strength in numbers,

so be part of this important

event. More information at

Bike Month.

Source: Thunderhead Alliance

and Trek Bicycle Corp.

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